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hut hiking:

A)     12.-14. Juli 3 days 2 nights (medium hikes) € 250/P

1. day: ~ 7 km 200 meter up hill, 250 m downhill

2. day: ~ 9 km 500 meter up hill, 650 meter downhill

3. day: ~ 13 km 630 meter up hill, 1100 meter downhill


distance hiking:

B)     23.-25. August 3 days 2 nights (long hikes) € 250/P

1. day: ~ 13 km 500 meters up hill, 620 meters down hill

2. day: ~ 11 km 800 meters up hill, 900 meters down hill

3. day: ~ 13 km 630 meters up hill, 1100 meters down hill


C)     22.-25. September 4 days 3 nights (advanced hikes) € 350/P

1. day: ~ 12 km 700 meters up hill, 450 meters down hill

2. day: ~ 7 km 300 meters up hill, 600 meters down hill

3. day: ~ 11 km 800 meters up hill, 900 meters down hill

4. day: ~ 13 km 630 meters up hill, 1100 m down hill

Hut Hiking we choose the closest tracks hut to hut, we walk along ridges and much at the same level. with amazing views. At night time we can sit in front of the huts between mountain silhouettes while chatting about myths and star constellations.

On the 2nd day we reach a summit with perfect view over Kitzbühel. At the 3rd day we walk up to a beautiful mountain lake, cross along the ridge and come down next to spectaculars waterfalls and end up in the valley. 

Accommodation is on mountain huts with dorms, sometimes rooms available.

With Distance hiking we do at least one summit a day with stunning views.

All prices without accommodation, food and drinks.

Added costs for lift card at the 1st day ~25 €, accommodation with breakfast about 35-50€ / night, on the last day € 15 taxi costs to get back

All in all, please calculate with min. €100/d for food, accommodation ...

requirement: sure footed, good condition

to bring: good hiking boots, comfortable hiking cloths, sunglasses, sun protection, rain cover, water bottle 1l, hut sleeping bag, smal towel, personal belongings, cash money for food, accommodation ...

more details and registration per mail:

nature tours

are possible in winter with snowshoes, also on cross-country skis or on foot, in spring and in autumn with good footwear. In summer we can discover a wide variety of amazing places and even explore some natural spectacles barefoot. To see the beauty of nature in detail, we will choose the pace leisurely. Away from hustle and bustle there are many natural jewels around Kitzbühel to look for.

1 h € 85           2 h € 150          4 h € 275        1 d € 350

Prices are for 2 person, for each additional person a surcharge of € 5 is added.

Prepayment preferred, please to David Hechl AT23 2050 2000 0226 7789  BIC: SPIMAT21XXX

Only cash payment possible on site.



David Hechl

Seebichlweg 65a

 6370 Kitzbuehel

+43 68120212958

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